4 Money Saving Tips for Students in College

Saving money can boost your self esteem and lead to an overall better life.

So why do college students blow their cash like it is worthless?

Here are four easy tips for anyone in college who values money and plans on having some by the end of the week.

#1 Don’t eat at your school cafeteria

I know it may be cool or fashionable to eat with your pals in campus, but this will put a serious dent in your wallet.

A school cafeteria in college is designed for teenagers to grab a quick bite and pay massively.

It is better to bring a snack from home on a daily basis and try to limit your trips to the campus food aisle.

#2 Sell Your Books

We all know how ridiculously expensive books are in college. This is why it is important to sell them as quick as possible.

Every school has a buyback period which lasts for about a month leading to the end of the semester. However, many students are too lazy to sell those very expensive books back.

Some cool ideas are in this video:

How many times do you plan to read your Math 115 book once the semester is over, not too often right?

Make sure to circle on your calendar when the buyback is at your college and sell all of your books possible.

If you think the school’s asking price is too low, try selling to students next semester or put it up on eBay.com and see how much it is really worth.

#3 Drive Less

Cause: Gas prices are over the roof.

Effect: We should drive less.

It’s very simple yet difficult for young adults to make this sacrifice. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever drive, but there are other alternatives.

Local buses can take you to the exact same location you desire to go without having to pay for gas. Fares are typically inexpensive and you also avoid any potential tickets or car accidents.

You may have to wake up 15 minutes earlier to catch your bus but it seems like a fair price for having someone drive you to your desired location.

#4 Avoid late night binges

We have all been in that situation. It is 11:00pm, you are watching Conan, and desperately craving all kinds of junk food.

This can lead to excessive and expensive food that can cost us more than just are money. Buying multiple cheeseburgers, large bags of chips, beer, and sodas are not very good for your physical health either.

Most of the time we get this craving is because we do not eat properly throughout the day or we need extra energy to finish our homework assignment.

My best advice would be to prepare for your homework assignments and exams ahead of time so you do not have to crash and reload with all sorts of junk food and energy drinks the day before it is due.

Another suggestion would be to eat properly which can lead to extra money, better physical condition, higher self esteem, and an overall better life.

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