10 Ways to Save Money and Have Fun with Toddlers

Have you ever found yourself out in public with a child that has just had a bowl movement?

The easiest thing that I have found is free at your local supermarket. Rather than keeping a whole bunch of grocery bags in my diaper bag, when you got to the grocery store, steal a bunch of veggie bags.

They are actually deeper than grocery bags; they are made of less plastic, and seal off the smell just as efficiently.

When you have twins like I do, it’s expensive to spend five dollars on one plate for each child.

Go to the party store instead and buy a pack of hard plastic snack plates in your child’s favorite color. You can hand wash them and they are just as durable.

Kids that love to paint, but go through a ton of paper at each session? Carefully open both sides of old diaper boxes (Pampers, Huggies, etc.) and cut along one side.

It creates a large cardboard area, perfect for finger painting, chalk, markers, or crayons.

When bathing your kids and you towel them off, hang the towel. They are clean so the towel isn’t dirty. You can use it the next day. (When you bathe three kids a day, this is a must!)

Have an old t-shirt? Cut it shorter and make a painting smock for your child! It’s perfect for art, or spaghetti!

It’s hard coming up with things for little one’s to do, especially when it’s hot outside. For something special, if you have two bathtubs.

Put them in their bathing suits, run mildly cold water, and add beach toys to it. No bubbles! Put ice in a blender, add orange juice, and let them have an ice while in the tub!

New places always excite the really little ones, one day; have someone watch them in a separate room for a while. In the mean time, completely rearrange their room.

It becomes a whole new place to explore! This is also perfect if you swap their toys every few weeks. We have ours on a 3 section, 3 week cycle, so nobody ever gets bored!

Great video about saving money as a family:

Admittedly, TV is bad for your child. However, as many DVD’s have been gifted to my kids, they wouldn’t recognize any of them if I rotated them all during the week.

Do two a week, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. They start to become familiar friends, and take up time because they will pay attention!

Don’t forget your local mall! If they have a toddler play area, make use of it! Also the food court. Just because the fast food is there doesn’t mean you have to take part in it. Bring lunch for everyone and make a day of it!

Kids love music! We use the huge vitamin bottles as maracas. I clean them well. Fill them with beads and then seal them off with duct tape.

Take markers and decorate the outside! Decorate buckets for drums! Old bottles taped off and filled with colorful ribbon make good drumsticks, or paper towel rolls!

Remember, little ones don’t have much of an attention span, so it doesn’t take much to entertain!

More great money-saving ideas in this article.

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