HAVE YOU GOT YOUR TICKETS FOR leveret AT THE ALIVE CENTRE LINCOLN ON TUESDAY 17 OCTOBER 2017.  TICKETS £12 still available (posted 14 October 2017)
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SATURDAY 7 October 2017

Have you seen Gerry's band before? - he is bringing a four piece band including himself (no drummer - because we can't fit more than four performers on our stage!)

Well, it's an experience + +…. dynamic and dreamy, thoughtful and funny….and most of all ENTERTAINING!
….Oh, and they were invited to play at Cropredy this year too.

SEE YOU!  (tickets, going well, but STILL AVAILABLE £10 - scroll down for details - posted Wednesday 4 October 2017)

SUPPORT: Kate Anna - lovely, lovely voice

COMPERE:  Sue Dewsbury
Last night (Saturday 16 September 2017) was RIC SANDERS TRIO - an audience comment ' there are good players and then just sometimes you hear the next level above that….' A fabulous, fabulous evening.  Thanks to Stitherum for there usual excellent warm-up and Alan Ritson for compering so well for us at the last moment.

NEXT at Lincoln Alive Centre: 
On Tuesday 17 October 2017 as part of their nationwide tour:


Andy Cutting, Sam Sweeney and Rob Habron

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